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Henry David Thoreau is best known for Walden, his record of two years spent striving to create a model of simplified existence in the woods, and for Civil Disobedience, which proved to be an inspiration for Gandhi and other people seeking social change.

Working from Thoreau's journals, acclaimed Northwest writer David Wagoner crafts a vivid portrait of encounters with birds, animals, plants, and weather among the remarkably varied landscapes around Concord, Massachusetts. Thoreau believed that cities were saved, not by the good men in them, but by the forests and swamps around them. He knew from the start the dangers in an exclusively commercial America and tried to show in all his words and actions, in the whole flavor of his life, a richer alternative.

This play - so timely as we wrestle with the effect the human race has had on the natural world - connects us to Thoreau shortly before his early death yet still active in mind and heart, planning the fullest life he could imagine, and finding wonderment in the smallest details of the landscape he called home.

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You can watch the livestream at showtime Thursday 19 January @ 7:30pm, or you can access the recording at your convenience through February 5, 2023.

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