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As the Covid-19 pandemic safety requirements have all but derailed and wrecked everyone's holiday plans we'd like to offer bit of balm for those abraded expectations. Join us for the reboot of our darkly colorful, occasionally cynical, often funny, and decidedly musical variety show, Christmas B-Sides & Rarities! We guarantee it will not only offer an ideal distraction for your seasonal woes, but a perfect antidote to the overly cheery, relentlessly commercialized traditional Christmas fare.

This season's one-night variety show features the storytelling talents of Jim and Olivia Jewell, Glen Erik Hamilton, Paul Shipp, Joe Zavadil and Gerard Menendez. You'll hear new music from Mazonowicz, Brittany Allyson and Uncle Eray and his band. We'll revisit some Christmas B-Sides hits of yore from Rob MacGregor and Cole Hornaday and celebrate the triumphant (albeit animated) return of celebrated Seattle comedy duo Gude/Laurance. So, let's all pour a drink, turn our faces toward the warmth of our computer screens, our backs to the cold, indifferent night and confirm the best way to survive the holidays is through a concentrated group effort.

Christmas: B-Sides & Rarities began in 2010 as a tribute to a local actor who lost his battle with alcoholism and evolved into semi-regular cabaret celebrating of the season with a dark, occasionally cynical, often funny, barrage of theatre, music, poetry and more. The Christmas show eventually splintered into multiple themes; 2013 saw Baseball: B-Sides & Rarities and later Seattle: B-Sides & Rarities as well.

West of Lenin is state-of-the-art, intimate black box theatre and studio space located in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. Owned and operated by Seattle theater entrepreneur AJ Epstein, West of Lenin is also available as a rental venue. A well-equipped and intimate space it offers a wide range of programming, from in-house and guest produced plays, to musical events, readings and more, West of Lenin is a local entertainment destination.

Recommended for viewers 18 years of age.
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