In 2020, audiences will experience the US premiere of This Restless House, an award-winning trilogy of plays by British playwright Zinnie Harris that reimagines Aeschylus' The Oresteia by repackaging epic classical text in a genre-hopping mash up of contemporary scene work, live music, and expressionistic physicality. Harris' feminist adaptation places the women at the center of the narrative and uses the ancient Greek notion of fate to explore and interrogate the impact of trauma and mental illness across generations; asking contemporary audiences whether it's possible to break a cycle.

Developed over three years, this trilogy will engage over three hundred artists in a performance of scale and theatricality rarely dared by Seattle artists. It's epic material demanding an epic process and promising to engage a large community of artists to grapple with the cost of trauma on a family, a body, and a mind. And then, ask how we can end it.

This Restless House is the kind of big epic art the PNW craves and Seattle artists are hungry to make. Your support helps pay artists a living wage and bring locally-produced work of scale and ambition to our stages.
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