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Brought to you by The 14/48 Projects
Presented at The Cornish Playhouse
The premise of Theater Anonymous is simple. Nobody knows the cast, not even the cast. Approximately 30 actors have been selected through an invitation process and each are rehearsing one-on-one with co-directors Julia Griffin and Shawn Belyea, never meeting their fellow actors. Actors must take an oath of secrecy and are allowed to tell only one other person on earth that they are participating. Actors enter the theater in street clothes, sit with the audience until their first line, and deliver it from the audience before joining the rest of the cast onstage. It's an exciting, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants evening of theater that celebrates Seattle's amazing theater community. Who will be the next George Bailey? Who will play Mary? Potter? Clarence? Nobody knows, and it could be the person sitting right next to you.

But it's not just a heartwarming play; it's a party, it's a singular feat of theatrical daring, and it's a great way to kick off your holiday season! Doors open at 6:30pm for pre-show merriment: cocktails, contests, and entertainment including pictures with Santa and a chance to try and guess who is in the cast before the show begins at 8pm!

Includes a full catered dinner with wine pairings beginning at 6pm at the Cornish Playhouse. Also includes a Guess the Cast ballot, a 14/48 Ornament and three drink tickets for beer and wine from the bar, plus a reserved seat. VIP tickets are for 21+ only.

Elite - SOLD OUT
Includes a Guess the Cast ballot, a 14/48 Ornament, and three drink tickets for beer and wine from the bar, plus a reserved seat.