an evening of holiday inspired scenes & spectacles
     presented by The 14/48 Projects

SnowGlobed. [an evening of holiday inspired scenes & spectacles]

For the last seven years, out of the desire to create more opportunities for fellow artists to play combined with an ever present slightly obsessive love of the holidays, Rachel Delmar created SnowGlobed. An Evening of Holiday Inspired Scenes & Spectacles. This year, we have partnered with She is Fierce & The 14/48 Projects to create a one night only event full of Holiday Inspired Scenes & Spectacles. Together, as in the She is Fierce style, we will be sourcing Womxn & Gender Queer speakers and storytellers to share. In SnowGlobed tradition, Rachel Delmar will be directing a set of Holiday Inspired plays by local playwrights with a small ensemble. All to be performed in one exciting extravaganza evening, hosted by Keiko Green & Amy Escobar.

An investment in new work & underrepresented voices is an investment not only in supporting this moment in time together but the future of these artists, their voices, & the American theatre. Any size contribution makes a difference. Thank you for your time & investment. We hope to see you at the show December 17th!
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