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A humorous musical story about butts, love and the vulnerability and courage required to give voice to, and make visible more of our truth with other humans. (Who must also be courageous and open enough to receive and dance with increasing truth and love.) "Fresh", "Asinine", "Titillating" "Divine Human Comedy", "Inspired and Absurd", "Huh?"

The Phantom of the Opera But Every Character Sings a Different Language and also I Play All the Parts - Alexei Cifrese
There comes a time in every artist's life when they decide to subject the world to a solo show. Mine in particular came about one day after ~4 years of performing multilingual Broadway & Musical Theatre songs where the audience chose which languages I performed in - when I asked myself a dangerous question: what would happen if I just did an entire show like that? Well, my lovely captive audience, you and I are about to find out.

This is an 18min snippet of Act 1 of Phantom, featuring the 3 principal characters: The Phantom, Christine, and Raoul - and 6 languages for you to choose from: French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian and Hungarian.

Jen Klouse is doing okay. for someone with crippling anxiety, depression, chronic pain and body dysmorphia. In this truncated version of her well received Seattle stand-up show, she examines navigating what it means to be a chronically ill, smart-mouthed, plus sized, sex positive female performer in a society that's deeply uncomfortable with her body and her ideals. Because quietly fitting in while loudly bulging out is tricky.

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