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THESE HEAVY BONES - Nicole Cardona & Devin Marie Munoz
"These Heavy Bones" deals with the weight that depression and anxiety holds on our bodies. Witness as this iteration explores the ebb and flow these illnesses may have on us. Some days are good, some days are too mundane to function, somedays you get by just by dissociation.

SANCTUARY - Monty Rozema
How are we built by the spaces we inhabit? And where can we find sanctuary in a crumbling world? Come with me on a journey with me and my father. To the places that built us, the words we spun from those worlds, and our writers' inheritance: him, me, us, and the world.

Fed With A Silver Spoon- Madeleine Kate Gregor
An examination of desire, Fed With A Silver Spoon includes two juxtaposing pieces. The first work "Lack" depicts the many layers and stages of discovering an unknown desire to the moment of succumbing to it. The half then dives into how excessive consumption of a desire can cause one to lose empathy, trust, control through quirky balletic movement.

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